Formula for Entering Sublime Luminosity

1/2 cup, juice of organic apple

24 oz, Smoky Yunnan Pu-Erh Tea

1 XL Hydro Flask trail canteen

6,000 steps listening to Li Xiangting’s Sleeping Lotus

Practice following the Fragrance Map

your energy-body remembers from last year --

psychedelic azaleas

pungent cherry

minty juniper

all the way to Mayblossom Bridge

over Hog Wallow Creek.

Bow, clap two times.

Thank the Flowing Kami at this ch’i-sited crossing.

Clap two times, bow again.

Offer a cup of Spring tea to the stones below.

Allow the fractal tapestry of birdsong

and rising wind around you

to wash through every cell of your being.

Drink deep of the Tao.

Lake Above, Lake Below.

With the forest's gray-green potency

lit like a solar flare from within,

carry the light with you

on your 6,000 steps home.