Some Haiku & un-Haiku

Black wings drying dew

Red wasp naps in the sunshine ---

A cloudless blue sky


Restrooms closed today

Too much tea before my walk ---

Cool breeze on testicles


Valley of birdsong

Bougainvillea clouds burst forth ---

Mockingbird ringtone


a vajra-blue sky

fragrant wind sweeps the branches ---

old butterscotch pine


hawk with mouse in beak

surveys blooming hunting grounds ---

he is still hungry!


Spring knock-knock-knock-knock

like wee monks with Zen clappers ---

those busy chip-monks!


a lane of blossoms

hojicha quenches my thirst ---

a fine April day


a maiden jogs past

backside like thick loaves of bread ---

hermits can still look


a cathedral pine

a jewel-like sun in blue sky ---

eternity’s touch


Mayfly in April

sometimes life arrives early ---

me…a late-bloomer







Saké’ing in steamy moon-water beneath stars

I’m just following orders…