Half Moon Tea Haiku

"Empty the heart-mind of everything.

Gaze out at the forests and mountains.

Allow them to stimulate the

Inborn Light of The Way within you."

-- Kuma-sensei


the winter solstice

a warm cup of hojicha ---

just another day


"In our world, it is impossible

for one to buy culture."

Otagaki Rengetsu (1791 - 1875)

[ a haiku after reading

Peter Kingsley's Catafalque ]

cold gray afternoon

single cup of hot sake ---

onward the Tao flows


the only thing real

the words of the Wayfarers ---

a lantern-lit path



January rain

washes away the old year ---



slightly warm sake

washes away the old year ---

a new year has come


quiet night-sitting

rain falls in a steady stream ---

empty mind at peace


morning gardening

late afternoon gardening ---

our first tomato


like dancers sleeping

a pile of poplar blossoms ---

even the crows seem tired


quiet rambling day

keeping the heart-mind open ---

a patch of blue sky


yūzū nembutsu

ears and eyes fully open ---

blooming sakura


four crows fly at dawn

beneath the crescent moon's glow ---

pink sky norito


standing between worlds

tall Himalayan cedars ---

a concealed temple


the god of the wind

blowing prayers through the forest ---

purified senses


sounds of rain tonight

catching the drops in buckets ---

while sipping pu-erh


a soft rain falling

the entire world is burning ---

there is no abode


Spring rain falls like jewels

the Ten Thousand Things nourished ---

Nature's cathedral


Summer cicadas

a tree frog croaks in the dark ---

the hum of crickets


cicadas buzzing

already a full day's work ---

new batch of lettuce


Summer cicadas

nothing but in-breath and out ---

awake in the dream


a midnight rainstorm

an August night in Georgia ---

feels like liquid gold


dusky morning light

the whole world a glowing pearl ---

a hummingbird sips


at the yard's dark edge

late Summer cicadas chant ---

do they know death stalks them?


what is this sitting?

just an old corpse pondering

that it is a corpse


sitting in silence

an owl hoots from the dark trees ---

then falls silent too


woodpecker hammers

autumn trees for a morsel ---

hunger drives us all


such folly to watch

abiding non-abiding ---

self goes on grasping


on the precipice

Shosan's "death" kanji in mind ---

a door creaks open


a bowl of miso

a cup of kukicha tea ---

what else do I need?


wandering through town

people move like drifting clouds ---

anonymous ghosts


withering blossom

yet another empty page ---

quiet Autumn night


late-night Autumn moon

steam of the waters rising ---

Cypress Tree Temple


a cold rainy day

rust-colored leaves drift downward ---

so too this heart-mind