Haiku From Travels

cool October air

a dark sun-dappled forest ---

a lone grouse wanders


wildflowers galore

curving like a dragon's back ---

raven in the road


despite cold nights

katydids chirp in the trees ---

welcoming leaf change


Spirit Ridge trailhead

my mother's hip causing pain ---

old warrior aging


Spirit Ridge trailhead

my own back not much better ---

we take to the trail


fading light of day

a lapis lazuli sky ---

end of the season


two handfuls of crows

disappear into the pines ---

sunny Autumn day


a mirror-still lake

reflects the golden mountains ---

pampas grass swaying


winding mountain road

high-elevation journey ---

gold and red sutras


serpentine switchback

three October travelers ---

birdsong overhead


between two valleys

just past the Long Hungry Road ---

mountain cricket song


a splash of bright red

nestled within the branches ---

Winter cardinal


a cool day in Spring

bright thunder in the distance ---

a dream remembered


though it is Winter

I feel Summer's steamy air

deep inside my bones


chilly air flows in

a bright Winter moon stands guard ---

faithful companion


abandoned lantern

hangs from a Winter tree branch ---

late December moon


the clouds overhead

appear as a quilted vest ---

the moon and I are warmed


like a newborn babe

opening of this heart-mind ---

to a brand new year