Warrior Poems

a trilogy in verse inspired by wizards

“When the Season Is Upon You”

- for Malidoma (1956-2021)

When grief comes,

and it will,

don’t turn away.

Allow its spirit to take hold of you

and your soul to have Her say.

Grief is a season, not a day.

Grief is a territory.

It is the companion

who guides you along its way.


“The Battle”

- for Martin O'Dubhthaigh of Dún Doire

There’s a great battle going on.

A good brother

from the Cailleach’s Land

called it like it is recently.

‘Wetiko’, he said —

a spell-breaking term

I had forgotten.

Like unseen Dementors,

or the Nazgûl,

…only real.

Many think that silence and stillness

is a “settling short”,

a boredom,

torpor and idleness,

when, in fact, it is the oldest weapon

of the Knights of the Light.

Sitting with the breathing heart-mind

draws the ire of sorcerers

and spinners of confusion.

Invite them onto the field of battle.

With the sun in your heart,

you are the only one

who will stride away freely.


“Your True Home”

- for Clyde, teacher of wizards

There is a turn in the road

when the dark clouds leave.

Hooks that were embedded deep

fall from your eyes for good.

Currents and whirlpools

that once ensnared you

run dry.

Nothing the grasping world offers

compels you to chase mirages again.

Having seen through

their quicksilver nature,

all allurements vanish.

You enter a place

that swordmaster Musashi

called The Void.

Niten Doraku knew:

Despite one’s wounds or fatigue,

it only takes a few cosmic breaths

to remember your true home.