"The Inner Tradition"

"Nature + Poetry = Peace"

--Philip Carr-Gomm

We can't go back.

While it does help the soul

to think of our ancestors

feeling these same leanings,

we can't go back.

We can make note of their tracks.

We can memorize their names.

We can allow our Traveling-Spirit

to drift into their stories

while sitting beside a crackling hearth.

But, we can't go back.

We can only drink deep

from our own cauldron of longing --

resting in the sense

that our longing,

here and now,

is part of some abiding, ancient flow

that connects us.

But, we can't go back.

Have you ever hovered at the forest's edge

before stepping in;

that place

where the modern frenzy

drops away

and the healing green powers

start to embrace you?

Next time you find yourself

standing at such a threshold,



Open yourself to the tradition


by your own spinning cells.