"Soul Retrieval"

I watch frosty air trails overhead

drifting, silently,

like dragon-tails slithering by.

They speak of empty travels

false promises

wasted time.

Momentarily, they block out the stars.

A second or two later, they are gone.

The Seven Sisters

beam down from above

and then become a swaying amulet

on an old Druid woman’s neck.

“Wake up from the dream,

from inside the dream,” she says.

Then I am on a woodland path.

It is twilight; not day, not night.

The thick, foggy air - mossy bright.

I bend low to a small boy

who is with me on the trail.

I ask: “Do you see him?”

Off in the distance,

in the middle of the path,

a deer shifts his great antlered head

from side to side,

noticing us,

watching for further movement.

Then, the Mystery of Mysteries

reveals myself to myself.

I answer back in a hushed voice: “I see him.”

My older self replies: “Good.”

A missing part of myself,

with a well-traveled part of myself,

at the gate of the Otherworld,

the Stag God looking on.