"Janus Interruptus"

At some point,

you have to stop looking back.

You have to stop drinking

the poison of regret.

That slow toxin of ‘what if’s’

and ‘what might have been’

will turn your heart sour

your tongue to ash

and your feet to stone.

When next you lift

the Chalice of Regret

to your lips, stop.

Stop right there, turn around, and declare:

With a stag’s grace, I turn my face

toward the direction of vision and new life.

I invite the honey-sweet song

of the morning lark back into my heart.

I let go of regret

and allow the past

to be a songline

that continues on

without me.

image: Janus, the god of gates, doorways, and transitions, from whence the name for the month of January is derived