"Coagulation of the Directions"

For years, a knotted skein.

Different threads,

each pulling

in its own direction.

At times, it felt akin to traveling

to different provinces,

or living in the encampments

of very different tribes.


True that it can mean

a tangled, complicated arrangement...

and there is always the risk

of remaining coiled-up with one’s

smaller vision of oneself.


on a bright autumn day

it can also

all come together.

The skein finally unfurls,

the knots get loosened out,

the essential force of you

becomes a V-shaped flock of geese

moving toward the true weave of you.

This is when the many worlds

you have inhabited

start to become one.

Hexagram 64 - Before Completion.

The Scots story of the wise fox

not trusting his tail to the ice

after Brighid's Day.

Luo Hongxian the Cartographer

walking barefoot through the amethyst forest,

making inner and outer maps.

When you come to embody the way

that is the Way of you,

your Way and the Way of Heaven

are in true accord.

And that, fellow traveler,

is felt within your own bloodstream.

image: Joshua Woroniecki

sound: Roy Mattson, In The Wind