"Chronicle of Shedding"

On edge.

A felt-hunger.

A longing for deep writhing connection.

At the end of nerves: the twitching of these times.


a cloudy-eyed snake

strikes at moving shadows.


The mind isn't trustful right now.

The heart is armored...

trying to remember

the last time one could

speak of a 'magic-love'.


Everything is being carried below the skin.

Surface Reality is fatigued.

Below it, a cool river of knowing flows.

I think of it as 'They'

because it doesn't feel singular.

It feels like ancestors

who are aching for us all.


I try to 'stay the course' with the Great River

but its teachings can be so fierce,


even at night after closing your eyes.

Tonight they said:

"There's a shredding going on.

You're part of it.

Be gentle with yourself."

I blurted out:

"I'm tired of being shredded!

I'm tired of the world shredding!

I'm tired of loss and flooding,

Texans in red ties

pretending they aren't the Taliban."


That's when I heard her voice.

I don't fully know who she is

but she comes around

every now and then

and gives me an earful.

She corrected my lack of clear-hearing.

She said:

"Shedding not shredding.

Pull back,

pull back

to the vantage point

of your longest

and deepest-held affections.

Renewal awaits therein."


My joys are simple these days.

A bird on a morning branch.

Mist concealing a grove.

A dram of Dalmore 12-year.

Rain, like liquid gold, filling a garden bucket.

A passage from Basho.

A teaching from a Druid about poesy.

A mother's stories about Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral.

A scrumptious meal

where we toast each other each night:

"Kampai Moai!"*


Is anyone else

feeling like

they have no right to complain

because they aren't on the front lines

and yet


your soul

feels battle-weary anyway?

You are not alone.


Kampai = Japanese for "Cheers!"

Moai = an Okinawan word meaning "a group of lifelong friends" or "a social support group that forms in order to provide varying support for social, financial, health, or spiritual interests"

image: Anne Nygard (@polarmermaid)