"Assemblage Points and Caterwauling"

O, waning moon!

Night-Woman Who Holds the Bright Lantern for us all…

…where is it that you go?

I shalln’t soon forget your fullness…

…how you revealed yourself

(at least one side of you)

your gleam

your light

your power

to pull on tides

and human hearts.

Though you turn away slightly,

hiding part of your face,

anyone with a set of eyes

can see you still want to do some dancing.

Dance, Lantern-Bearer!

Fierce or gentle, dance!

All that I ask:

Make the lessons

of this next season

a bit more gentle.

The fires of summer are still burning.

Even the owls

and stump-tailed chipmunks

are hooing and clucking

on and on

about the need

for the world

to slow down

and rest.


image: Magnus Östberg